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- Our service cost (as of 1/1/2023) is $180.00 per hour, minimum one hour, and travel time portal-to-portal (to and from)...and then increments of 10 minutes charged after the first hour, plus the cost of parts/materials needed to complete your job, and any additional costs such a recycle fee to haul away your old toilet or water heater if needed, any special equipment fees, or permit fees.  ALL will be itemized on your invoice. This "time & material" method of charging you is far more accurate and fair than charging a blanket flat rate, as many plumbing companies do that actually include hidden fees like a supposedly "free estimate", advertising, and rounded up costs. Feel free to ask your technician when he arrives or while scheduling your visit what a time & material total estimate may be on your job and he can give you a ballpark figure.  Parts pricing is usually done after your job is complete based on all actual parts required to do your job, and current pricing on those parts, which can fluctuate according to the market and availability.

NOTE:  G/K Plumbing & Heating Inc. does not warranty customer-supplied parts or materials, nor any failures associated with them.

- Remodel jobs are estimated per job, and require a contract and deposit before work begins.

- Jobs such as water heater replacement require a permit by The City, and that associated cost ($240.00).

- All invoices are DUE UPON RECEIPT and are both mailed and emailed (if you've provided us your email address) to you within a day or two of completion of the job.  Emailed invoices contain a "PAY NOW" button you can use to securely pay your invoice online.  We accept checks, and all major credit cards - MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover, and debit cards.  You can also call our office to provide credit card info. to our bookkeeper, Carol who will take care of that transaction for you. Any credit card information provided is immediately shredded after transacting; we keep no cc info in our computers or in our office unless you specifically request that we do, and that cc info is kept in a safe. 

Call our office at:

(619) 297-3911

(If you receive our voicemail or answering service, you're likely calling after usual office hours or we're on another call. Please leave your name, message, & phone number and we'll return your call ASAP. All calls are forwarded to us immediately.)


Mail checks to:

G/K Plumbing & Heating Inc.

4901 Morena Blvd/ #312

San Diego CA 92117

Email questions:

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