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8/1/2021 - As of this date, we have raised our hourly labor rate to $150.00/hr.

We haven't raised our rates in over 6 years.  With rising costs of fuel etc., it was long overdue! 

As a reminder, $150.00/hr., minimum one hour, plus travel time TO the job location from our shop on Morena Blvd., followed by increments of 10 minutes after that first hour.  PLUS parts/material costs to do your job. 

MOST plumbing companies charge a flat rate which rounds up...heavily! 

We know our method is more fair to you!

Also a reminder:  We send out invoices for your job within a day or two of the service being completed.  All invoices are DUE UPON RECEIPT.  We do not do net terms.  You can pay via credit card (call our office, or use the Pay Now button on your emailed invoice to our secure payment portal), or via check. 

(619) 297-3911

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